Mission and Values

Adams House is the biggest family in Shropshire!

Adams House was graded as ‘Outstanding’ in the recent Ofsted Inspection in March 2017.

Staff and boarders alike aim to promote an atmosphere, which is warm, friendly and lively whilst also being well ordered.  Courtesy and respect for others are shown by all.

Boarding at Adams House is based upon the following principles:

Boarders and staff are always treated and known as individuals with mutual respect for each other.
Boarders are treated fairly and with justice.

There are good relationships between staff and boarders, between boarders and between staff.

There is equality of opportunity for all boarders, irrespective of ethinicity, culture, gender, age or ability.

Every boarder has the right to be able to work, play and relax free from abuse, intimidation, harassment, teasing or bullying.
Staff and boarders acknowledge the right of each other to privacy.

Boarders have a meaningful say in how the house is run and developed.

The Thomas Adams School
Lowe Hill

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