“The open and supportive nature of the college community allows students to explore, safely and openly, a whole range of ideas and experiences”

“Our children, each with their own diverse needs, interests and academic abilities are coming away from Adams College with high self-esteem and excited about their future”

Choosing courses

Adams College offers a broad range of courses. Unlike many colleges, in Year 12 we offer five hours per subject for most subjects, ensuring valuable contact time with academic experts. We expect all students to select three subjects to study over a two-year period. You can view the subjects we have on offer here.

The curriculum is organised into columns. Students will choose three academic subjects from the columns (two subjects cannot be chosen from the same column as they are taught at the same time). Therefore, most students will find that they have two hours of non-contact time each day on their timetable, one of which must be spent in our Study Hub, working independently, either on homework, revision or consolidation, overseen by a teacher.

Which subjects?

We think students should play to their strengths as they will perform better in subjects they enjoy. Which subjects are strongest at GCSE level? Which give most satisfaction?

Do some research

For many students, it is important to keep options open at this stage. Unless you know you want to be a doctor, vet or a dentist, requiring Biology and Chemistry, you really can choose a range. For instance, careers in Engineering demand Maths and Further Maths, whilst Architecture needs a mix of Art/Graphics, Maths and Science and a portfolio. The UCAS website is a good place to start – www.ucas.com. Above all, look at the course content and talk to teachers and students at our open evening and taster days to explore all your options. After leaving Adams College, many students go on to study courses they didn’t dream existed at the beginning of their A Levels; we have opened their minds to the wealth of fascinating courses and careers that are possible.

College Subjects
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Talk to current teachers

Teachers at school will be able to give students sound advice about whether you will cope with the demands of A level study in their subject. Rest assured, we will discuss this at our consultation and try to tailor your course of study to ensure success.

Please find all the key documents you may require in the link below, which have been made available for you to download. Should you have any further queries please contact us: Phone: 01939 237000, email: college@thomasadams.net

Thomas Adams School is a happy, caring school with an excellent reputation in the community for academic success and pastoral support.

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