Mission and Values

“This has always been a good school with an outstanding teaching staff. Public examination results are excellent and well above national average.

The school is a disciplined, ordered but caring community where children feel safe and secure. The school has an up-to-date and lively curriculum on offer but we also believe in what has come to be known as ‘traditional standards’ – this can be seen, for example, in our policies on uniform and homework, and in our high expectations of the students.”

Liz Dakin


All students, whatever their circumstances, achieve their potential and are ready to contribute to their families, community and society.

This is not to be defined in terms of just examination success, although this is obviously vital but includes achievement in all other areas including the ability to continue learning, solve problems, develop resilience and be active, informed citizens, prepared for life in modern day Britain.

We must ensure that the school embraces an achievement culture with a shared vision. Every aspect of the school has to reflect the very best practice, with rigorous systems, attention to detail and a high degree of personalisation.

Aims and Objectives

To encourage and support the potential of all our students.
To ensure there is a culture throughout the school where excellence, progress and achievement are valued.
To provide an enjoyable and stimulating curriculum that meets the needs of all students.
To provide a disciplined, caring and moral environment which supports and inspires young people to become useful and caring citizens and family members.
To provide an ethos which promotes mutual respect, tolerance and individuality whilst appreciating the value of democracy and law.

To support the above there is the need for:

  • the development of a close partnership with parents and carers
  • an efficiently managed school where all systems are the best that they can be
  • a clear focus on teaching and learning
  • a clear focus on literacy, numeracy and independent study skills
  • the provision of a wide range of extra-curricular opportunities for the students
  • the development of community, education and business links
  • the continuation of positive relationships between students and staff which makes the school a friendly, warm and vibrant place
  • sustaining of excellent standards of behaviour
  • the continuing development of the student voice
  • good and accountable budgetary management.

We must always:

  • challenge complacency
  • challenge low aspirations.
The Thomas Adams School
Lowe Hill

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