We offer a broad range of Level 3 courses at Adams College; you will find details of the course content, how you will learn and be assessed further on in the prospectus, but here are a few words of advice when narrowing down your options.

How many subjects?

Unlike many colleges, in Year 12 we offer 5 hours per subject per week for most subjects. This gives you valuable contact time with your specialist teachers. We reccomend that all students study a maximum of 3 A-Levels. this will then provide you with the study time needed to achieve your best.

The timetable is organised with five columns (A to E). Each column represents five hours on the timetable. So, if you choose 3 sub­jects, you will be study­ing 5 hours per subject and have 10 hours study time in our 25 hour time­table. You cannot choose two subjects in the same column as they are taught at the same time.

The grid containing the columns for 2018 entry is now available in the application section of our website. This is subject to change in response to demand for subjects so please check the website for the latest version.

What are our requirements?

Like most colleges we ask for a minimum of 5 GCSEs at grade 4 or above, in order to cope with the demands of Level 3 study. Certain subjects strongly recommend that you achieve at least a grade 5 at GCSE to be suc­cessful – see the individual subject out­lines. Some subjects also require Maths, English Language or Science at grade 4 or above. We insist that you attend re-sit classes in Maths and English if you have not achieved a grade 4 in these subjects; al­most all future careers require these vital qualifications. We will talk with you again after GCSE results on our Admissions Days if your programme of study needs to be amend­ed.

Which subjects?

We think you should play to your strengths, as you will perform better in subjects you enjoy than those that you think may appear more pres­tigious. Which subjects are you likely to per­form well in at GCSE? Which do you enjoy most? Once you’ve embarked on a programme of study, we’ll ask you to dedicate 60% of your non-contact periods to independent study. There are always rooms available.

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