At Adams College we believe that knowledge is power which is why we have adopted a vertical registration system where you’lll meet with your registration tutor every morning. Everyday you will be mixing with Year 13 students who have already experienced the demands of Level 3 study. They will be able to advise you, guide you and reassure you on all the issues that are essential for a successful year. Topics such as revision strategies, UCAS application, university choices and student finance are discussed in depth.

In addition, you will also have one-to-one sessions with your mentor at various points in the academic year. In these sessions you will work together to plan your future choices.

Year 12

The first time will be in early November when we will discuss how you have settled in as well as look together at the results of the ALIS test (taken in mid-September) and your interim assessment results. Your AS target grades for each subject, based on both your GCSEs and the ALIS test, will be discussed and targets set for the next period of study.

In December, you and your parents/carers will be invited to a Consultation Evening with your subject tutors to discuss how you are progressing.

The next time you meet your mentor will be around March when your subject reports and the results of your January mock exams will form the basis of discussion. We will help you with advice about how best to prepare for the exams in the Summer and with any coursework issues. When you return from study leave in June we will meet again to discuss your plans for the future and give guidance and support with the research and application proc­esses – whether you are seeking work or applying to university.

Year 13

In September we will meet you to discuss your AS results and how your applications for university, apprenticeships or work are going. If any adjustments to your aspira­tions are needed, your mentor will help.

In November we have a Consultation evening where you and your parents/car­ers can meet with your subject teachers to discuss how you are progressing and how best to move forward with your studies.

In February we will meet again to discuss what you need to do in the final months before you leave us. Final decisions regard­ing work and university will be explored in detail In May when we meet to check everything is in place for the next stage in your career.

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