Life Beyond Adams College

Life beyond Adams College…student soundbites

Students who completed their studies in the summer have been writing to let us know how everything is beyond Adams College.


Oliver Ashley is reading Mathematics and Philosophy (MA)
at Edinburgh University

Oliver Ashley“University life here in Edinburgh is an incredible experience: Fresher’s week offers so much both during the day and night, from tours of the city, to introductory lectures, to ceilidh dancing on nights out. Every night there are massive social events to get to know both the city and fellow students, there is such a great feeling of social interaction between every new first year; second, third and fourth years; and the staff themselves so you are bound to feel welcomed within your first week. There is also a huge diverse culture here, don’t expect everyone to be a Scot! I have befriended people from all over Britain, from Sussex to Lancashire, but also from all over the world such as Switzerland and Hawaii. Your fellow flatmates and course mates become a huge part of your life and Edinburgh guarantees you’ll find such people within the first few weeks. Edinburgh also offers a huge variety of societies and you have a good three days during fresher’s week to look around the stalls. You’re encouraged to try out almost everything (and there’s no feeling of guilt if you don’t continue with it!)

One of the different aspects of the Scottish university system is that the year is split into 2 semesters, as opposed to 3, so be prepared for longer periods of teaching! The university offers a choice of modules in your fist and second years, and you take these exams at the end of each semester. This is a great feature if you’re wanting to keep other subject areas in your field of study. The university integrates itself within the central part of the city being only a fifteen minute walk from Princes Street. The main site, Georges square, is a beautiful site with the university buildings surrounding the park and the main park (The Meadows) lying right next to the library.

I could not have wished for a more beautiful city to study in and spend my university life!”


Izzy Lloyd – enjoying life at Lancaster Uni

Izzy Lloyd“Hi, I’m Izzy and I’m studying Geography BSc (Hons) at Lancaster University – and loving it! In the days leading up to coming to uni, I was absolutely terrified of whether or not I’d make friends or ‘fit in’, but I can honestly say that it’s one of the best things ever. Lancaster put so many events on during Freshers’ Week, so you get really involved with what’s going on and get a good feel of where you’ll be living for the next three years. Getting back into the swing of doing actual work after a good three months of sitting at home doing nothing was a bit difficult, but the lecturers ease you into the course.

Personally, I think that the Geography department is great, and doing an Environmental Science minor I was able to pick and choose which modules I wanted to do, so there is a degree of flexibility. I won’t say it’s easy (because it isn’t) – there’s lots of reading around the subject to do, and you do get given coursework and module tests in first term – but it’s great; I’ve made some of the best friends and am having an amazing time, I can’t believe that 10 weeks is almost up!”


Emma Sayce – training to teach

Emma Sayce“After leaving college in June, I am now Studying Primary Education (BA Hons) at York St John Uni. I was a bit worried about moving so far away, as it’s not that easy to just ‘pop back’, especially as my parents really wanted me to study at Chester Uni so that I could be close! However, it turned out to be a brilliant decision as York is such a lovely place to live (with slightly more going on than Wem!) I’m in uni for around 18 hours of lectures/ seminars per week, as well as a couple of days a week on placement in school, so I’m a lot busier than my flatmates, but it’s really enjoyable! It’s definitely a learning experience in more ways than one, with all this cooking and cleaning to do, but I’ve kept in contact with many of my friends from school and college, and have made some new ones too, so they’re always on hand to help!

I’d say the main thing I’ve learnt through this process is to make sure you’re studying a subject you want to do, at a place you want to do it, because as much as your friends and family might think they know what’s best for you, it’s not them doing the degree!”


Amy Ahmad – travelling far and wide!

Amy Ahmad“When you leave college you leave the safety net of teachers, timetables etc. It takes a lot of thought to decide upon exactly which path to take especially if you want to do something less mainstream. My dream was, and still is, to perform in West End shows, therefore the most likely route seemed drama school…. However, I got offered an amazing opportunity after doing my auditions, to go to Los Angeles for 3 months to explore a totally new creative world. When I was there I found out I had got into Arts Educational Schools in London which was actually my favourite place too but I was having the best time exploring and experiencing a different culture that I felt it would be silly to leave. I told myself if I got in once I would get in again. I am currently working in Marks and Spencer’s to make some money over Christmas until I go back to LA after New Year to see and do more, now I know what other opportunities are out there. Maybe I will even end up studying there… anything could happen. The most important thing I have learnt since leaving college is that there is never just one route and it doesn’t matter if you don’t know exactly what you want to do. If you believe it will work out, it will. And just because everyone else is doing something, don’t be afraid to be different. I would never have known what incredible people and places were there if I hadn’t gone. Explore every option and never be afraid to just bite the bullet. What is the worst that can happen?….. just making the most of it as far as I can see. Enjoy….”


Ken Tanaka is learning Japanese in Japan!

Ken Tanaka“After finishing college, I spent a few months working in a factory to make some money. At the end of October I moved to Japan and I am now studying Japanese at an international school. I can choose to extend the course, but as things stand, I will finish next July and return to England to start university – if I can decide on what I want to study.” Ken pictured on the right.


Bethan Day – A Day of Success

Megan DayVoted student most likely to appear in the West End last year by her peers, Bethan Day takes her first step on the ladder to success.

“After returning to college for a third year to study both AS and A2 Music I am absolutely over the moon to have received an unconditional offer for the BMus performance course in Vocal and Opera studies from my first choice conservatoire; the Royal Northern College of Music!
After receiving a place to study History at St John’s College Cambridge last year I have been lucky enough to have had the unparalleled support of the college and music department staff in the, somewhat controversial, pursuit of my dream career. The journey has been undoubtedly challenging; last year with the infamous Oxbridge application process and with the past few months being filled with an exceptionally grueling audition process. However, the support I have received from my friends, family and the College; their commitment, enthusiasm, help, effort and encouragement have made the experience a positive one and I am so grateful for all the support and opportunities I have been lucky enough to have received.“ Bethan pictured (centre) with friends Poppy Ridgway and Kathryn Leggett at their Leavers’ Ball in the summer.

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