Film Studies

Adams College Transition Work
Film Studies

This transition work is intended to prepare you for A level study. We would like you to work through the tasks listed.
You must bring your completed work with you on Wednesday 5th September, ready to demonstrate your understanding of the transition tasks in lessons. Teachers will test your knowledge and understanding of this work in class tests, the week beginning 17th September.

Welcome to Film Studies! Hopefully you will find the following tasks fun, interesting and creatively rewarding. We are looking forward to hearing what films you find interesting. We recommend that you attempt to locate and watch a few of the films mentioned within the Filmish book mentioned below. Often times, interesting films can appear tricky to watch, but over time and with perseverance, the rewards are great. Stick with them and you’ll have a greater cultural understanding. Let’s get going…

Click this link or urls unto your web browser to prepare you for the wonderful world of film:

Want more film stuff?
To prepare you for the world of film, read ‘Filmish: A Graphic Journey Through Film’ by Edward Ross. It’s a great introduction written as a comic.

You can pick up a copy from Amazon (

You can download the PDF version that I lovingly scanned ( **Copy and paste this URL into your web browser** Dropbox may say that the file is too big to preview – no problem, just click on OPEN 🙂



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