Transition work- Stepping up to A Level Biology

Using the Learner Resource Sheets, you will need to do some introductory work into the heart.

At GCSE you will have looked at the structure of the heart, and may have studied how the cardiac cycle works. At A Level we look further into the structure, layout, mechanisms and pressure changes behind the cardiac cycle.

In your Introduction to the Heart lesson today, you will be preforming a heart dissection and then producing an annotated biological drawing of the heart.

This will contribute towards your transition work that you should bring with you in September.

At Adams College we study OCR Biology A. Attached is an outline of the units that are examined after Year 2.

Any background reading that you do prior to September will put you in good stead for the kind of work ethic that is required at A Level.

Biology is a fascinating, challenging subject, which requires dedication and determination to achieve top grades in. Daily consolidation of work, regular homework, reading around the subject and passion in the subject is necessary to ensure success.

Welcome and Good Luck!


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