Business Studies

Adams College Transition Work
Business Studies

This transition work is intended to prepare you for A level study. We would like you to work through the tasks listed over the summer holidays.
You must bring your completed work with you on Wednesday 5th September, ready to demonstrate your understanding of the transition tasks in lessons. Teachers will test your knowledge and understanding of this work in class tests, the week beginning 17th September.

Welcome to A-Level Business Studies.

In order to prepare you for the course, I would like you to make some notes and learn some information that you will need during the first week back in September.
You should access the following link which will take you to the first chapter of the text book for your new A-level course:

You should access the above link and complete the following tasks:

1. Consolidate the pages into 2 A4 pages of notes.
2. Make sure the notes are handwritten – no word processors!
3. Learn as much of the information as you can.

You will be assessed on this content during the first 2 weeks back in September.


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