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At Adams College, we have the luxury of offering small group teaching by an extremely competent and enthusiastic team. Our class sizes vary from 6 to 14 and this enables us to really focus on the progress of all of our students in a very individualised way.  We pride ourselves on our supportive and personalised approach to the A level French course.

Véronique Geslin is responsible for the A Level French course. Originally from the Loire Valley in France, she has been teaching in England for 20 years and at Thomas Adams for 12 of these.  Véronique is passionate about French language and culture and is an inspirational teacher.

Working at an advanced level, students continue to develop and enhance the key skills; speaking, listening, reading and writing. The work is contextualised through the study of French culture and society, and wider global issues.

Authentic resources are used in lessons to expose students to the written and spoken language of native speakers so that they can develop their own communication skills. The study of French film and literature is also a key element of the course.

Much of the teaching is conducted in the target language, because we believe that immersion is essential for language learning, and from the very beginning of the course, students are encouraged to express their own ideas in the foreign language.

We follow the linear Edexcel A Level course because we firmly believe that Language learning is progressive and that over 2 years students are able to make excellent progress that will prepare them for the rest of their learning journey.

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