Health and Social Care

Health and Social Care

Hello, and welcome to what for most of you will be your first look at Health and Social Care. The study of Health and Social Care is a very broad area. We will therefore aim to make our study as applicable as possible and the first unit you will be looking at is Communication. Because healthcare and social care always involves interacting with others communication is a key feature of the course. Communication happens in lots of environments and many different ways so this is the basis of this transition assignment.

In preparation for this you need to

  1. Draw up a list of professions that we might be looking at (for example, nurse, physiotherapist, social worker, doctor).
  2. Draw up a list of the different ways they might communicate (for example, speaking, emailing)
  3. Why would they be communicating? What range of purposes? Write down the blindingly obvious as well as the clever answers!

In the course of even one day, we all communicate in different ways and with different people and for different reasons. During one day, list all the people you communicate with, how you communicate and the reasons why. Hopefully it will help you realise how diverse communication is. This does include Instagram and Snapchat.

Use the internet to help you in this task, and record which websites you used. This will be excellent practice for the course.

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