Mathematics and Further Mathematics

Thomas Adams Mathematics

We are delighted that you are considering taking maths to the next level, great choice! Whether it is a necessity for your chosen study or career path or just a subject you really get on with, we hope that you get a huge amount from studying mathematics in the sixth form. You will certainly mature as a mathematician and be introduced to some magical and exciting concepts.

Here are some exercises in some algebraic methods you should be familiar with and need to become EVEN MORE familiar with; in fact, it will stand you in good stead to hone these skills over the summer break.


  1. Method is a priority.
  2. Show all steps in your working.
  3. Good presentation now will help you in the future.
  4. Calculators should rarely be necessary (if at all).
  5. Using fractions will assist you in obtaining ACCURATE rather than APPROXIMATE answers.
  6. Learn the methods as well as finding the answers.
  7. Ask us, in September, if there is anything you weren’t sure about and couldn’t find a way of figuring out.

Click here to access the questions.  Practise with the first set of questions then complete the questions in the shaded boxes to discuss with your A-level teacher. Don’t forget to bring it in in September!

Further Mathematics

In order to start to broaden your mathematical vocabulary and experience, investigate the subsets of types of number, within the set of Real numbers, and what imaginary and complex numbers are. Create a poster, or similar, to show what you have found out.



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