Adams College Transition Work

This transition work is intended to prepare you for A level study. We would like you to work through the tasks listed over the summer holidays.

You must bring your completed work with you on Wednesday 5th September, ready to demonstrate your understanding of the transition tasks in lessons. Teachers will test your knowledge and understanding of this work in class tests, the week beginning 17th September.

Start thinking: Introducing Socialisation, culture and identity

The concept of culture is central to sociology – but what does it mean?

1. List 5 different things that you think culture refers to. For example, customs
2. Give an example of each (it can be the UK or elsewhere)
Now explore the Hamar tribe using the following links

3. Contrast this with UK culture. Identify 5 features that are different

Now watch/read different cultures and respond to the questions

look at any ‘tribe with Bruce Parry’ on you tube or watch ‘my year with the tribe’ by Will Millard

4. How did the researcher ‘fit in’ with the tribe?
5. How do individuals become part of society/culture?
6. What does this tell us about culture/s?

How does our class, gender, age, sexuality, nationality and ethnicity influence our own identity? – watch/read the following and create a mind map/spidergram. Use different colours for different aspects.

Social class: article from the BBC
Gender: article Disney will never be the same again!
Age: using magazines, newspapers and TV adverts/soaps how does the media portray different aspects of age eg children, youth and old age?

Using some or all of the links produce a table outlining the main points of the following Sociological theories: (Symbolic) Interactionism, Functionalism, Conflict theory (Marxism), Postmodernism. You will need to include specialist words such as consensus, conflict, ideology… for the relevant viewpoints, but don’t let it put you off (sociology is full of them) and you can always use the guide to define/explain what they mean. scroll down to theory and select

What is it and what can you do?

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