Sport BTEC

Adams College Transition Work


This transition work is intended to prepare you for A level study. We would like you to work through the tasks listed.

You must bring your completed work with you on Wednesday 5th September, ready to demonstrate your understanding of the transition tasks in lessons. Teachers will test your knowledge and understanding of this work in class tests, the week beginning 17th September.

1) Visit the following website
Log in using the details below.
Username TASport
Password Transition18

Access the library and open the revision guide (tile with yellow background & elephant)
If prompted you will need to allow this pop up before opening the document.
Navigate to pages 30-34
Once you have accessed the document you need to read the information and complete the next task.

2) Complete the exam based questions attached.
-At first attempt try to recall the information from memory
– When you have attempted this go back over the notes and add anything you missed for this question (do this in a different colour pen/colour font if done electronically)

This task is research based:
Read the scenario on the attached document, research any relevant information on line and produce the answer on the sheet attached.
This answer must be in continuous prose and should address:
1) Potential lifestyle factors (alcohol, diet, stress, and smoking) that may be causing the problems the client is suffering (lack of sleep)
2) Ways in which the client can improve his sleep
3) How will Physical Activity help him to improve the amount of sleep he gets?

Please find PE BTEC transition tasks please here

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