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Curriculum Outline
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Exam Structure

Block Plans/Revision Sessions

Thomas Adams School endeavours to provide each of its Year 11 students with the guidance and support they require to be successful in their examinations. We know that an effective and robust revision programme can make a positive difference to our students’ achievement.

With this in mind, a comprehensive revision programme containing a number of initiatives and opportunities is put in place to support our students.

In early February we show students the best techniques for revision and from then  until the examinations in May/June we will expect to see a sustained period of continuous revision.

As part of the 10 school weeks’ countdown to the start of the main public examinations period (and, indeed, many GCSE practical exams happening well before then), students will be issued with Revision Block Plans for their specific courses that involve examinations in the summer series. These plans outline the structure of lessons, key dates and essential information to aid students’ revision.

To support the delivery of these Revision Block Plans, departments will be offering open Consolidation Sessions to allow more focused and personalised guidance to occur.

We appreciate your support at this critical time for Year 11 students.

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