House System

The houses are named after local hills.

The Houses exist to promote leadership and responsibility amongst more senior students and to encourage involvement, teamwork, co-operation and good discipline amongst all students.

On entry to Thomas Adams, all students become members of a House and will be required to do their best for that House via their work in lessons and their commitment to extra-curricular activities.

Each House is led by a Head of House, who is a member of staff whom oversees the House’s progress. In addition, each House has the following student captains from Year 11;

House Captain
Sports Captain
Media Captain
Drama Captain
Music Captain
Citizenship and Fundraising Captain

Each year, the seven Houses will compete to win the House Cup Award. This is given to the House that accumulates the most House Points.

The 2015-16 House Captains are listed below.


Head of House: Mr Allen

House Captain: Kiara Heyne

Sports Captain (boys): Josh Dawson

Sports Captain (girls): Becky Ross

Environment Captain: Carla Fernandez

Charity/Citizenship/Enterprise Captain: Ruby Brooker

Media Captain: Grace Edge

Deputy Captain: Megan Ward


Head of House: Mr Carney

House Captain: James Purvis

Sports Captain (boys): James Angel

Sports Captain (girls): Katie O’Neill

Environment Captain: Olivia Ridgway

Charity/Citizenship/Enterprise Captain: Bethany Davies

Media Captain: Jessica Kumar

Deputy Captain: Abbie Pugh


Head of House: Miss Rogers & Miss Devismes

House Captain: Alice Webb

Sports Captain (boys): Kalle Bridge

Sports Captain (girls): Ella Painter

Environment Captain: Rebecca Davies

Charity/Citizenship/Enterprise Captain: Charlotte Harris

Media Captain: Cerys Roberts

Deputy Captain: Adam Jones


Head of House: Mr Gilbert

House Captain: Joseph Kasese

Sports Captain (boys): Connor Oglesby

Sports Captain (girls): Ariana Smith

Environment Captain: Chloe Leatherland

Charity/Citizenship/Enterprise Captain: Jess Wallis

Media Captain: Georgia Yates

Deputy Captain: Lucy Lloyd-Brown


Head of House: Mrs Kempster

House Captain: Francesca Wilson

Sports Captain (boys): Calum Russell

Sports Captain (girls): Lauren Brown

Environment Captain: Jacob Carlisle

Charity/Citizenship/Enterprise Captain: Jake Collier

Media Captain: Raphael Keoghan

Deputy Captain: Jessica Edgerton


Head of House: Miss Kenyon

House Captain: Rebecca Shields

Sports Captain (boys): Matthew Mitchell

Sports Captain (girls): Maisy Millerchip

Environment Captain: Bradley Chidlow

Charity/Citizenship/Enterprise Captain: Will Jarvis

Media Captain: Jane Towers

Deputy Captain: Jordan Page


Head of House: Ms Berry

House Captain: Olivia-Anna Boden

Sports Captain (boys): Matt Robinson

Sports Captain (girls): Tiamat Rasche

Environment Captain: Cora Hamblin

Charity/Citizenship/Enterprise Captain: Holly Pearson

Media Captain: Frankie Waugh

Deputy Captain: Wen Ting

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