House System

The houses are named after local hills.

The Houses exist to promote leadership and responsibility amongst more senior students and to encourage involvement, teamwork, co-operation and good discipline amongst all students.

On entry to Thomas Adams, all students become members of a House and will be required to do their best for that House via their work in lessons and their commitment to extra-curricular activities.

Each House is led by a Head of House, who is a member of staff whom oversees the House’s progress. In addition, each House has the following student captains from Year 11 and Year 10;

House Captain
Vice Captain for Year 11 and 10
Health & Sports Captains
Citizenship Captain

Each year, the seven Houses will compete to win the House Cup Award. This is given to the House that accumulates the most House Points.

The 2018-19 House Captains are listed below.


Head of House: Mr Stokes

House Captain: Danielle Cooper

Vice Captain Year 11: Molly Wilbraham

Vice Captain Year 10: Nathan Ashley

Sports Captain: Benjamin Speake

Sports Captain: Mia Creber

Citizenship Captain: Amelia Hilditch


Head of House: Mr Carney/Mr Fell

House Captain: Gabriella Caldwell

Vice Captain Year 11: Gracie Fisher

Vice Captain Year 10: Isobel Onions

Sports Captain: Sophie Vernon

Sports Captain: Domina Thelwell

Citizenship Captain: Toochoo Bhebe


Head of House: Miss Devismes / Mrs Rogers

House Captain: Ellie Rogers

Vice Captain Year 11: Ellie Painter

Vice Captain Year 10: David Green

Sports Captain: Freya Gallagher

Sports Captain: Natasha Smith

Citizenship Captain: Caitlin Morgan


Head of House: Mr Gilbert

House Captain: Louise Cowley

Vice Captain Year 11: Nicolai Smith

Vice Captain Year 10: Caitlin Anderson

Sports Captain: Natalie Howarth-Rothwell

Sports Captain: Issy Smith

Citizenship Captain: Savannah Hand


Head of House: Mrs Kempster

House Captain: Saskia Pickard

Vice Captain Year 11: Alice Towers

Vice Captain Year 10: Emily Watts

Sports Captain: Dominik Nowak

Sports Captain: Jazmine Du’Hany

Citizenship Captain: Caitlin Hall


Head of House: Mrs Kenyon

House Captain: Sam Thelwell

Vice Captain Year 11: Oliver Towers

Vice Captain Year 10: Evie Logan

Sports Captain: Oliver Cooper

Sports Captain: Maya Tajuddin

Citizenship Captain: Jakub Bledek


Head of House: Mr Tunnah

House Captain: Holly Eccleston

Vice Captain Year 11: Olivia Hessey

Vice Captain Year 10: Erin Robinson

Sports Captain: Lissy Llewellyn-Bell

Sports Captain: Ryan Greaves

Citizenship Captain: Emma Davenhill

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